BTS ARMY LOGO Glitter Decal for Car, Locker, Desk, Fridge. and more!


Shipping to United States: Free

Made by ARMY for ARMY!

Want to show the world your love for Bangtan? This decal makes a great statement! The decal is pictured on the back glass of my car...because of course I have to test the products and I have some love to represent, too! LOL! Borahae, ARMY!

Decal is 7"w x 6.75"h so it's a good size!

All of my products come with some freebies! Let me know who your bias is in the order notes. Otherwise, I'll choose some random cute freebies for your order!

Directions for applying the decal:

1. Pick a smooth flat surface to apply such as glass windows, laptops, etc.
2. Clean surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry completely.
3. Peel away clear layer from the backing sheet. The decal should be stuck to the clear transfer tape. If any of the decal will not come up with the clear layer, replace the clear layer and burnish (rub) with a credit card. This might take a few tries! Hang in there!
4. Once you have the clear layer separated and the decal stuck to it, bend the clear layer and the decal in a "U" shape and apply to surface applying pressure from the center out to the ends.
5. Using a credit card, rub across the decal to transfer it from the clear sticky layer to the surface you are applying it to.
6. Gently and slowly, peel the clear transfer tape away from the decal. If the decal is not sticking to the surface, rub it again with the credit card. Be patient and take your time with this step!
7. Enjoy your new decal!


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